The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Choosing Carpet Cleaning Methods

Whether you are doing commercial carpet cleaning or residential, each technique you opt for has pros and cons.

The carpet cleaning methods fall into two categories such as-dry and wet carpet cleaning methods. So, before jumping on the pros and cons, one should know the difference between these services as explained by Carpet cleaning Kangaroo Point.  

Wet Carpet Cleaning

Wet carpet cleaning involves steam and hot water extraction process. However, in both techniques, pressure water is released into the carpet to remove excess debris and dust from it. This method is highly effective but it can take access time in drying and may not be suitable for many commercial businesses.

After the first step, cleaners sprinkle the cleaning agents over the Carpet to keep the fibers clean and fresh. Further, it includes a vacuum process to clean the leftover dirt and cleaning properties.


  • This will remove the soil from deep of the Carpet
  • Also, the hot water technique removes dirt, pollutants, and germs.
  • Most professionals, carpet cleaning company often recommend these methods because it is safe and reliable.
  • Mostly-used and 100% secure methods
  • Enhance the quality of Carpet
  • Remove dirt from corners and even inside fibers


  • This increase the drying time
  • Require only high-quality equipment
  • It may cost you higher
  • These methods perform by professionals

Dry Carpet Cleaning

In dry carpet cleaning, the bonnet cleaning method is used to improve the elegance of your room. Also, you can call this method a standard carpet cleaning method as it includes vacuum and cleaning agents.

In the first step, professional vacuum the Carpet and then apply the needed cleaning solution over the Carpet with the hand pump. The solution has to stay up to an hour. Then, the pad is placed over the machine and spins over the Carpet at 100-300 RPM speed.


  • The methods are inexpensive, reliable, and fast.
  • It is perfect for light soiled carpets.
  • It is a safe method.


  • This is effective but it may not clear the Carpet inside
  • The technique has no power to reach the Carpet deeper

The Bottom Line

So you can see both techniques and carpet cleaning methods involve specific pros and cons. But as per experts, carpet cleaning company hot water and steam cleaning methods can kill 99% of germs and increase the life of carpets.

The choice is yours! Choose the carpet cleaning methods suitable for your Carpet and its needs. And in case you face any problem while choosing the right carpet cleaning method, immediately take the assistance of our Kangaroo Point professionals. We have all the right techniques and equipment to handle your carpet cleaning needs by considering all the important factors before we start the cleaning process.