Remove Pet Hairs From Carpet With Easy Tricks

Do you have a pet dog or cat living with you in your home? If yes, then, your carpets must be filled with the hair of your pet. Their hair fall increases during shedding season, you can easily remove pet hairs from carpet. And, for helping you, we have brought some handy tricks to remove pet hairs from carpet.

  1. Use a sponge to get rid of pet hair: To remove pet hairs from the carpet you can use a clean sponge. Running the sponge slowly on the carpet’s surface will help you to get rid of the pet’s hair.
  2. Rubber glove pet fur trick: Well, another handy trick for pet fur removal is using a rubber glove. Your rubber gloves not only can be useful for washing dishes but also to remove pet hairs from the carpet. All you have to do is to rub the carpet’s upper surface with rubber gloves. Rubbing your rubber gloves will pull up all the pet hair. The gloves surface makes the carpet surface tensed and all the fur gets removed easily.
  3. Make a DIY lint roller: Using a lint roller is one of the most convenient methods to remove pet hairs from the carpet.
  4. Dryer sheets for pet hair removal: Pet hair can become easier for you with the use of dryer sheets. It efficiently attracts the pet’s hair without the use of a brush.
  5. Use your vacuum cleaner to remove pet hairs from the carpet: To remove pet hairs from the carpet, you can use your vacuum cleaner. If you have already used it and spent lots of time vacuuming but have not got any result, then, you can use a fabric softener. It will soften the carpet fibers and pet hairs. Then, just by vacuuming you will be able to get rid of pet hairs easily.
  6. Use baking soda: Baking soda is a favorable option. All you have to do is to spread some amount of baking soda on your carpet and let it sit for some time. Then, the next step is vacuuming. Vacuum your carpet thoroughly and magic will be visible. The use of baking soda not only helps you to remove pet hairs but also kills all germs, bacteria, or germs lurking on your carpet.
  7. Professional carpet cleaners: The best option to remove pet hairs from the carpet is to call professional carpet cleaners. The professionals have lots of equipment for doing removal of pet hairs and also they use various eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions that give your carpet a new life and make it look like the new one. By cleaning your carpet they also make your home’s environment safer for you or your family members to live hygienically. They are trained for carpet cleaning and handling pet hairs, so for them carpet related problems are nothing.


So, these are some of the handy tricks you can use to remove pet hairs from the carpet. Follow the tricks and let your little pet play all around your home freely. If you call for Local Carpet Cleaner Near Me then there would be an expense that will happen.